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As my first blog post I figured I should explain my ‘why’.  One day I was sitting in my office making investments while listing to a podcast, the podcast host asked what would you think of yourself when you looked back on your life when you were very old.  This really stuck with me.  For the last 7 years I have gone from being broke all the time to becoming financially independent.  

I make great money and my net-worth grows every month.  However when I think about looking back on my life when I am older, I don’t want to be someone who just made boat loads of money and was selfish about it.  I would rather look back on my life and be someone who helped other people improve their lives.  I want to be a person who cares more about people than about money.

My 7 year wealth journey so far has been epic!  But now I am starting a new chapter of my life… the giving chapter!  I have given quite a few friends and strangers a boost on their wealth journey.  And I have learned that directly helping other people takes a lot of my time.  I don’t want to just help a handful of people I want to help MILLIONS of people.  But at the same time I also want to enjoy my life and spend time with my family.  So how do I go about helping millions of people, yet still have time for myself and my family?

I thought long and hard about this and decided the best way to help as many people as I can is to record my journey, my advise, my thoughts, my successes, and my failures.  This website will be the main hub for all my content.  I will be providing helpful content for FREE!  The only time that I will charge is if someone wants one-on-one help….. This kind of help is very time consuming and very inefficient, if my goal is to help millions of people.  There is no way to helps millions of people if my time is being used for one-on-one help.  I have built a life for myself that I get to do what I want, when I want, and I don’t have to be accountable to anyone but my family.  I don’t want or need to build a business that takes over my life, I am more than happy with the money I already make and the amount of free time I have in my life.

So now that I know my ‘why’… what are my goals?  I have to be honest with myself, I can’t change who I am just because other people want me to. When I ask around about what people need help with on their finances, there are 4 things:

  1. Getting out of debt
  2. Budgeting 
  3. Saving money
  4. Planning for retirement

However, this is not what I truly enjoy talking about.  It is like a race car driver teaching drivers ed.  I understand that we all have to start somewhere, but that is not where I can add the most value for people.  We all have different skill sets and I know that mine is making money with money and StackKing Wealth! 

 If I really want to make a difference, I need to help people who are willing to do more than just get out of debt, budget, save, and plan for retirement.  All these things are great, but none of them will help you become wealthy!  This will help you get out of debt, but then what?  This will help you budget, but then what?  This will help you save money, but then what?  This will help you plan for retirement, but then what?

I want MORE for people!  I want people to be financially independent!  Being out of debt will not bring financial independence!  Using a budget will not bring you financial independence! Saving money will certainly not bring you financial independence! And building a retirement account will not bring you financial independence NOW!… It might when your old, but is that really the best we can hope for?  Becoming wealthy when we are old and most likely have health problems?

Yes, these 4 things will help, but doing just these 4 things will not bring you financial independence.  You need to do the things that the wealthy are doing.  Most people think that only the wealthy can do what the wealthy are doing, but this is not true at all.  In fact the ‘self-made’ people started doing what wealthy people do before they became wealthy! 

I also want to help people get more free time in their lives.  When you put all your money away in a retirement account, you are making the decision to work till you are at least 65!  There is a better way!  There is a way for you control your money and stop letting money control you!  

Lets start your wealth journey today! If your interest in starting your wealth journey or already have started, then this website might just become one of your favorite sources to aid you on your journey!  Welcome to StackKing Wealth and welcome to becoming wealthy!!!!


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