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After a decade of chasing money, I was always broke, in debt and failing to save!   Frustrated, tired, and feeling hopeless!  Get money, pay bills, then repeat!  Is this what life is all about?  I knew there had to be a better way….A chance encounter with a wealthy stranger forever changed my life!  Follow my Wealth journey, as I share my strategies, tips, failures, and successes! 


Money is literally a game!  A game you have no choice but to play!  Learn the rules that regulate this game called money!  If you don’t know the rules, you will struggle to win!


Wealth generates money.  Stop chasing money and start Stacking Wealth!  Wealth is what you didn’t know you always wanted. You thought it was money, but all this time it was wealth!


You should be more scared of NOT investing at all, than starting to invest.  Poor people SPEND money, Middle class people SAVE money, but wealthy people INVEST money. 


Let’s talk about WEALTH!

What should my second post be? First thing that comes to mind…… WEALTH!!!   This site is all about wealth...


Welcome to the StackKing Wealth Blog! As my first blog post I figured I should explain my ‘why’.  One day...